Inspired by Princess Fiona, our facial moisturizer packs a hydrating punch, but also provides the calming and soothing effects of CBD oil and hemp oil. This package comes with a large and small face cups. 


Directions: Place a small amount in the palms of your hand and rub together in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Pat onto face. Use in A.M. or P.M. For information on facial cupping, watch the instructional video above!


Ingredients: Green-tea infused hemp oil, 100 mg. CBD oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, glycerin, beeswax, corn starch, turmeric, propylene glycol, propylparaben, methylparaben, and diazolidinyl urea, equal amounts of Sandalwood essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil and Goldenrod essential oil.



CBD oil: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties naturally help soothe irritating skin conditions. Nourishing and moisturizing. Has potent antioxidant effects, which means it may help counteract signs of aging caused by free radicals.


Green-tea: Antioxidants assist in fighting premature aging. Can assist in treating oily skin and clearing clogged pores, exfoliates gently, can reduce the appearance of puffiness and redness.


Hemp oil: High in omega acids, assists in reducing inflammation, hydrates and soothes skin, helps balance natural skin oils.


Avocado oil: Rich in fatty acids, contains potassium and lecithin, provides nutrients and nourishment to the skin, has Vitamins A, D and E. Relieves inflammation, reduces the appearance of acne blemishes, can help reduce the signs of aging.


Sandalwood essential oils: Assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an astringent, promotes a clear complexion, helps reduce breakouts., helps soften skin and helps minimize the appearance dark spots.


Rose Geranium essential oil: Assists with minimizing the look of wrinkles, tightens skin.


Goldenrod essential oil: Helps inflammatory skin conditions. Has antiseptic and astringent properties that can help clean and tighten your skin. So even if you are not suffering from any particular skin condition, goldenrod essential oil may help you look fresh and rejuvenated.


Size: 2 oz. 

Fiona's Secret with CBD* PLUS Face Cups


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